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Colorado's Point System - Don't Let a Traffic Ticket Take Away Your License

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In Colorado, having a driver’s license isn’t a right – it’s a privilege. Every traffic violation correlates to a certain number of points, and if your driving record has too many points, the Department of Motor Vehicles could suspend your driver’s license. As a driver, it’s important to understand the traffic points system so that you can maintain your freedom on the road and keep your insurance rates down.

For the purposes of the traffic point system, a conviction occurs when you plead guilty to a charge, pay a ticket or accept a plea bargain. A conviction may also occur by default if you fail to appear in court.

Point Accumulations And Divers License Suspension

The following point accumulations will result in a driver’s license suspension:

  • Adult Driver (21 and older)
    • 12 points in any 12 consecutive months
    • 18 points in any 24 consecutive months
  • Minor Driver (18 through 20 years of age)
    • 9 points in any 12 consecutive months
    • 12 points in any 24 consecutive months
    • 14 or more points between the ages of 18-20
  • Under the age of 18
    • 6 points in 12 consecutive months
    • 7 points prior to turning 18 years old

More severe traffic infractions result in a higher allotment of points. The following are some common traffic offenses with their correlating point allotments:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident: 12
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs (DUI): 12
  • Driving while your ability to drive is impaired by alcohol (DWAI): 8
  • Driving recklessly: 8
  • Driving carelessly: 4
  • Failing to maintain or show proof of insurance: 4

If you are caught driving with a suspended license, the penalties can be more severe. You can receive a criminal charge of driving under suspension, which carries a jail sentence of at least five days. You may be fined anywhere from $50 to $500. Further, if you are convicted of any traffic offense while you are under suspension, the DMV will automatically suspend your license for one extra year without the possibility of obtaining a probationary license.

If you have a traffic ticket, you may need a Colorado traffic offense lawyer. At The Orr Law Firm, L.L.C., we have experienced attorneys who know the system and will fight for your rights.