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Denver Prepares for Halloween DUI Crackdown

Denver Prepares for Halloween DUI Crackdown

The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced that efforts are already underway to crackdown on drunk drivers this Halloween weekend. As Westword reports, law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be exercising increased vigilance Friday, October 28 to Tuesday, November 1.

Halloween weekend always brings with it an increase in drunk driving and, in turn, a spike in DUI arrests. According to CDOT, there were 269 DUI arrests over Halloween weekend in 2015. The highest concentration of those arrests (31 of them) were recorded by the Denver Police Department. Denver also had 161 DUI arrests over the recent Fall Festivals DUI enforcement period.

"The consequences of a DUI goes beyond the financial repercussions," said Director of the Office of Transportation Safety at CDOT Darrell Lingk in a CDOT statement. "Drivers can lose their license, face time in jail and be summoned to community service, not to mention the possibility of killing yourself or someone else in a drunk driving crash. It is not worth the risk when driving impaired is entirely preventable."

The CDOT statement also included words from Chief of the Colorado State Patrol Colonel Scott Hernandez: "With thousands of families taking to the streets for trick-or-treating, it is imperative that we keep Colorado’s roads safe and free of impaired drivers... We’ll have more troopers, increased saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints in place to arrest those who unfortunately choose to drive after drinking."

Avoiding a DUI This Halloween

Fortunately, there have never been more options for those looking to consume alcohol this holiday weekend to stay safe and off the road. If you are joining in the festivities this weekend and plan on drinking, consider one of the following:

  • Public transportation. If there's easy access to Denver's bus system or light rail, consider using it to get around to your events this weekend. Taxis, while a more expensive option, can be worth the investment in a pinch, as well.
  • Ride sharing. Lyft and Uber are changing the way people get around. Consider using one of these services this weekend.
  • Designate a driver. Still one of the most reliable ways to prevent drunk driving is to designate one driver who has agreed to not drink that night.
  • Staying the night. If you're hosting an event, consider having enough pillows and blankets ready for a few guests who are not ready to get back on the road after celebrating. Keeping even one potentially dangerous driver off the road could prevent future legal troubles or even an accident.

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