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Unsafe Lane Changes Lead to Crashes

Unsafe Lane Changes Lead to Crashes

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Life in the fast lane isn't for everybody, as indicated by the number of Colorado drivers who sit in the left lane going under the speed limit.

Colorado's had a Left Lane Law in place since 2004 to ticket drivers going too slow in the passing lane.

Statistics show it’s time for a reminder.

“It is a serious thing from the Colorado State Patrol's perspective,” said Trooper Paul Dirkes.

In 2014 Colorado saw 474 crashes that resulted in injuries or deaths caused by lane violations. It was the fourth-largest contributor to deaths and injury, coming right behind DUI's at 513.

“Unsafe lane changes lead to many crashes that occur on our roads,” Trooper Dirkes said. “They're not being enough space between [the driver] and the vehicle perhaps following them or in front of them.”

Colorado’s law says on any road with a 65 MPH speed limit or over the left lane is exclusively for passing or making a left-handed turn. Anything else can be ticketed.

“The left lane law is one of those laws that we do enforce,” he said.

CSP says some of the worst cases of left lane cruising are on I25 north of Longmont where there are only two lanes.