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Colorado Marijuana Study Finds Legal Weed Contains Potent THC Levels

Colorado Marijuana Study Finds Legal Weed Contains Potent THC Levels

Lab tests recently revealed that the legal marijuana sold in Colorado contains nearly twice the THC (the chemical that makes you high) levels of the illegal product sold before the new laws were passed. Some of the most powerful strains are three times as potent. All the tests were done with high-performance liquid chromatography, a method to separate, classify and measure individual compounds.

"That was higher than expected," said Andy LaFrate, president of Charas Scientific, when the tests came back. His Denver lab is licensed by the state and paid by marijuana businesses to measure the THC strength in their products before they go to market.

The majority of samples tested came from recreational-pot merchants. Under Colorado law, recreational weed must be tested for potency. Some medical-pot sellers voluntarily provided samples to LaFrate. Colorado does not require pre-sale testing of medical marijuana. LaFrate did not analyze any edibles.

Three decades of cross-breeding pot strains b done to meet a demand for stronger weed b generally elevated THC in many marijuana varieties, LaFrate said. LaFrate will present these findings, and more, to the American Chemical Society, a Congress-chartered group.

For both amateur and veteran users of marijuana, you should never operate a vehicle while under the influence of the drug. First offenders of a DUI may receive imprisonment in the county jail for a mandatory minimum of five days but no more than one year; fine of at least six hundred dollars, but no more than one thousand dollars; at least forty-eight hours but no more than ninety-six hours of useful public service; the court may impose a period of probation that shall not exceed two years, which probation may include any conditions permitted by law.

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