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Vehicle Crashes Into Apartment Building in Colorado Springs

Vehicle Crashes Into Apartment Building in Colorado Springs

Drunk driving is suspected in the case of a 17-year-old male who crashed his car into an apartment building on Sunday morning. It happened at an apartment complex on the 4000 Block of El Camino Drive. That's on the north side of Colorado Springs, near N. Academy Blvd. and Flintridge Dr. No one was injured in the crash, and there was no major structural damage to the apartment.


Officers from the Stetson Hills Division were dispatched to a vehicle VS building traffic accident at 4955 El Camino Dr. Upon arrival it was determined that a 17 year old male appeared to have been driving a truck while under the influence of alcohol.

He attempted to park the vehicle and drove into the side of the building in the process. There were no injuries to the driver or the occupants of the apartment that was struck. The building does not appear to have significant structural damage. The building was inspected by members of the CSFD.B The driver was processed for DUI and other related charges.

This young man should contact a Colorado DUI attorney like The Orr Law Firm to defend him as soon as possible. First offenders of a DUI will be subject to license revocation for 9 months, a $600 to $1,000 fine, up to 1 year in jail, and up to 96 hours community service as well as alcohol education.