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Ask Attorneys in Denver: Do I Need a Lawyer at My Arraignment?

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Previously on this blog, we covered arraignments, noting that this is typically the part of the legal process during which the accused is officially charged with a crime, notified of upcoming hearings and informed of his or her bail status.

One common question people have as they prepare for an arraignment is whether they need a Denver Colorado lawyer with them during this time. As online legal resource notes:

"Many defendants are capable of representing themselves at an arraignment. They can plead not guilty and even ask the judge to reduce bail. During the interval between the arraignment and the next court appearance (rarely less than two weeks and often longer), the defendant can decide whether to hire a lawyer for post-arraignment proceedings."

That being said, there are some benefits to hiring an attorney from a Colorado law firm to accompany you to your arraignment. These professionals may be able to:
• Convince the judge to lower your bail
• Identify technical defects in the prosecution's case and raise this issue prior to entering a plea
• Negotiate a plea deal to secure a lenient penalty.

Ultimately, it's in your best interest to contact attorneys in Denver soon after you've been arrested for vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, vehicular eluding or any other driving-related crime in the state of Colorado. The penalties for these offenses can be quite severe, but you have a much better chance of securing a favorable outcome if you have an experienced professional by your side.

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