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Ask Attorneys in Denver: What Should I Do If I Hit a Pedestrian?

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When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you're responsible for making sure that you're driving in a safe manner. In the event that you hit a pedestrian, you could be charged with vehicular homicide or vehicular assault. These are serious crimes in the state of Colorado, and they can lead to harsh penalties.

To minimize your liability, here's what you should do following a car accident involving a pedestrian:

  • Contact attorneys in Denver - If you face criminal charges, contact a law firm in Denver immediately to secure expert legal representation.
  • Exchange contact information - If it was a minor incident, give the pedestrian your contact information, but avoid admitting fault, as this could expose you to a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Get medical help - Make sure that anyone who has been injured is treated by medical professionals as soon as possible.
  • Stop your vehicle - Leaving the scene of an accident is also a serious offense, so it's important that you stop.

"The best way to avoid pedestrian accidents is to understand that 'defensive driving' means being wary of people who walk, use a bicycle, operate a wheelchair, rollerblade, rollerskate, ride an electric scooter and play in the road," suggests online legal resource "Pay particular attention to young children and older adults. These individuals may be less aware of drivers on the road."

In the event that you're arrested for a serious driving-related crime, the attorneys in Denver from The Orr Law Firm can mount an effective defense on your behalf and help you seek a favorable outcome in court.