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Jefferson County Commander Arrested for DUI and Careless Driving

Jefferson County Commander Arrested for DUI and Careless Driving

The infractions are ramping up in Colorado as the weather gets nicer, this time a Jefferson County Sheriff's Office commander, unfortunately. Whether you are a member of law enforcement or a civilian, driving safely is paramount to saving your own life, and others.

Here is the article from the Denver Post:

A Jefferson County Sheriff's Office commander was arrested earlier this month for driving while under the influence and careless driving.

Sheriff's department spokesman Mark Techmeyer confirmed a report, first reported by CBS4, that Kenneth Ester, a member of the department for more than 30 years, was stopped on May 2.

According to Techmeyer, because of a potential conflict of interest b Ester was stopped by Jefferson County deputies b the case was turned over to the Colorado State Patrol.

Techmeyer said Ester was placed on paid administrative leave following the incident.

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