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How Does Colorado Compare to Other States for DUI Laws?

How Does Colorado Compare to Other States for DUI Laws?

Drunk driving is still one of the leading causes of death on American highways, despite efforts to crack down on driving under the influence.

A new report from WalletHub analyzes law enforcement from all 50 states to find the strictest and most lenient states for DUI. Colorado ranks No. 17among the strictest states for DUI laws, trailing Louisiana, Iowa and Oregon.

There is good news, though. Since the 1980s when states first began to crack down on drunk driving, the rate of impaired driving and the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers has dropped considerably. This has meant many saved lives, as drunk driving fatalities declined 52 percent from 1982 to 2013.

Here are the 10 strictest states for DUI laws, via WalletHub.

1. Arizona
2. Alaska
3. Connecticut
4. West Virginia
5. Kansas
6. Nebraska
7. Utah
8. Virginia
T – 9. Georgia
T – 9. Washington
T – 9. Delaware

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