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Winter Driving Tips from the Colorado State Patrol

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As much as one might try to resist the change in seasons, there's no denying that fall is very quickly starting to give way to winter, with temperatures dropping and predictions of snowfall starting to pop up on weather forecasts. The onset of winter brings plenty of reasons to celebrate, but some to be cautious of too, chief among them worsened driving conditions. Roads covered in sheets of ice, coupled with poor visibility brought on by heavy snow showers, are frequent causes of car accidents during the winter. To help prepare local drivers for the harsher weather, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is providing a few tips for safe and responsible driving this season.

"We go into a lot more reactive mode in the winter because we are covering a lot more crashes in the summer, we try to be a little more proactive and have a little bit more time for speeding and DUI enforcement," CSP trooper Dan Chermok KKCO-11 News.

To that end, Chermok and other CSP officers recommend drivers buy and equip their vehicles with snow tires, studded tires and tire chains. While some may dismiss these more as luxuries, the fact is these traction upgrades can help make navigating icy and snow banked roads less hazardous, reducing possibilities of vehicular accidents exacerbated by the weather.

State troopers also recommend taking it easier on the gas pedal, putting a greater distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road and refraining from making quick, sudden movements to mitigate your chances of hitting someone else.

But as we know full well, accidents can and do happen, particularly when the weather makes driving more dangerous than normal. Hitting another vehicle or pedestrian, regardless of the season and whether or not it was an innocent mistake, carries with it the possibility of fines, license suspension and even jail time. You don't have to face these charges alone, though. If you find yourself accused of a traffic offense and need a law firm in Denver on your side, contact The Orr Law Firm.

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