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CSP: Take a Cue from E.T. And 'Phone Home' If You've Been Drinking

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From Halloween to New Year's, there are few times of year more fun and exciting than the winter holiday season. This two-month stretch gives friends and family a handful of days singled out specifically for getting together, exchanging gifts, indulging in lavish dinners and generally enjoying one another's company. Whether it's taking the kids out trick-or-treating on Halloween, getting your fill of football and turkey on Thanksgiving or ringing in the New Year with champagne, this is one of the most sociable and party-heavy periods in any given year.

Unfortunately, there's a negative side to all of the revelry too. More opportunities for going out to parties, bars and family gatherings to mark holidays inevitably means more opportunities for drinking -- which, in turn, also means a greater likelihood of intoxicated drivers out on the road.

While you can't control whether or not other motorists drink and drive, you can control whether or not you get behind the wheel after a few drinks. And taking a cue from "E.T.," the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) has a very clear answer for that: If you've been drinking, don't drive -- just phone home for a ride.

"It may be more than 30 years old but the message is still true: you never, ever, need to drive after you have been drinking," the CSP writes on its Facebook page. "Make the smart choice and plan ahead. E.T. says so."

You should never try to drive a car after drinking alcohol, regardless of the time of year, but it's especially important during the winter when poor driving conditions can render otherwise safe roads into potential hazards.

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