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Lax Parole Has Serious Consequences in Colorado

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Half of released Colorado prison inmates are soon re-imprisoned.

The national recidivist rate for prison inmates who serve time for one offense and are later imprisoned for a second, third or even fourth offense is about 30 percent; in Colorado, the recidivist rate is 50 percent.

Over the past several years, continuing budget cuts have resulted in a shrinking number of parole officers, whose salaries have been frozen for the past five years, monitoring an increasing number of parolees. Officials acknowledge a number of breakdowns: a third of Colorado parolees are homeless when released, 33 parolees have committed murder since 2002, and approximately 100 inmates have gone from solitary confinement one day to supervised release the next day.

Parole in Colorado

A Denver criminal defense attorney routinely handles parole cases, which may include parole violations and petitions for early release. Some states followed the federal model and all but eliminated parole, while others use a multilayered monitoring system.

Layers Of Release In Colorado Parole

In Colorado, there are four levels of supervised release:

  • Intensive supervision: Designed for the most violent offenders, the top supervision level includes weekly meetings, unlimited home visits, daily contact with the employer and electronic monitoring.
  • Maximum supervision: A notch lower than intensive supervision, maximum supervision consists of two meetings a month and one random home revisit.
  • Medium supervision is identical to maximum supervision, but with half as many meetings.
  • Minimal supervision is little or no ongoing contact with the former inmate, with one meeting every three months and bimonthly telephone check-ins.

Other conditions, such as drug tests and registration as a sex offender, may apply in different cases.

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