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Winter Driving Safety: Check Your Headlights

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While the official first day of winter may still be weeks away, the season is effectively here already in all but name only. Between steadily cooler temperatures and Daylight Saving pushing the clocks back an hour -- and sunset an hour earlier -- winter has essentially begun. But with an extra hour of sleep in the morning comes an extra hour of darkness at night. This can be especially problematic as sunset now occurs just before rush hour, decreasing visibility out on the roads during the day's busiest time and heightening the risk of traffic accidents.

"Although the extra hour of sleep was a great way to start the week, please remember that the sun will leave us an hour early at 4:56 p.m. in the Denver area," writes the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), on their official Facebook page. "Before driving home double check to see if all of your vehicle lights are working properly."

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a clear field of vision provides up to 85 percent of the information that a driver needs when they're at the wheel. This makes it all the more important to have your car's headlights inspected and, if faulty, replaced. Don't try getting away with just one lamp, or trust your own knowledge of the roads to squint your way through dark driving conditions. Headlights in good working order not only improve your own spatial awareness while behind the wheel, but also improve visibility for other drivers on the road, reducing the likelihood of car accidents.

Poor visibility and other winter weather driving conditions are key ingredients of careless driving and potentially bodily harm or even death. If you find yourself charged with reckless driving in any of these scenarios, make sure to contact The Orr Law Firm. Our team of expert attorneys in Denver can ensure that your case is handled appropriately and well-represented in court.

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