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Colorado Speed Demons Should 'Take It to the Track'

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Speed limits and laws against street racing are not only well-documented, but pretty common sense principles too. But every once in a while, when you get behind the wheel, you may have an impulse to start pressing further down on the pedal. Or maybe you just had a long, hard day at work and want to take your anger out on your car's accelerator. It's crucial to resist these urges, as speeding presents a needless risk of injury or death to hundreds of other drivers out on the road, not to mention your own life. But if you really do need to satisfy your inner speed demon, do it safely and take it to the track instead.

That's the message the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is hoping to get across to lead-foot drivers across the state. Held every Wednesday night between April and October at the Bandimere Speedway, "Take It to the Track" offers a safe (and legal) environment for teens and other speed-hungry drivers to burn rubber without putting others in danger. Participants only need to show a valid Colorado driver's license and pay a $30 entry fee, and they can spend the rest of the night driving around the track to their heart's content. Teen drivers who are 16 or 17-years-old must provide a consent form signed by parents.

Built in 1958 by his parents, John Bandimere Jr. tells The Denver Post that the Speedway acting as a home for street racers has been its intention all along -- particularly for him!

"I think half the reason my parents built this track was to get me off the streets," said Bandimere. "It was a fulfillment of their dream to have a safe environment to race cars off the streets."

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