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Experts: The Problem Behind Distracted Driving Is People, Not Technology

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about the dangers of distracted driving and potential solutions to this issue that may include disabling smartphone apps while people are driving and blocking their ability to access certain features. However, according to the Huffington Post, experts say that the real way to effect change involves educating people rather than making adjustments to the devices they're using.

"You can't really talk about distraction and technology without considering the social context in which it happens because the social influences have always pushed bad behavior, even if you have good technology," Nic Ward, a Montana State University professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, told the source. "Rather than focus on how technology can get around or force a behavior, I'd like to move further downstream and find ways for people to make the right decision beforehand."

Experts note that the desire for instant gratification and immediate access to information — behaviors that people display when they check a text message while operating a vehicle — are valued more than overall safety, and that's the core issue, reports the news outlet.

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