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What is the National College for DUI Defense?

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Founded in 1995 with the mission to "promote the public welfare by providing a higher level of training in this unique area of criminal defense law," the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) aims to empower and educate today's attorneys to deal with legal challenges that arise in these unique situations.

Most importantly, the NCDD provides an American Bar Association-certified DUI certification program to lawyers and attorneys who practice in this field, and offers regular training sessions qualified individuals can use to learn about all aspects of defending DUI and drug-related criminal driving offenses.

To become a member, legal professionals need to demonstrate effective trial skills, study breath and blood alcohol testing, learn methods for attacking field sobriety tests and remain up-to-date in knowledge areas that include chemistry, biology and toxicology.

"You need someone on your side that is qualified to spot all the issues in your case and can act quickly to protect your interests," the NCDD writes on its website. "Attorneys affiliated with the [NCDD] have the opportunity to receive specialized training to equip them to protect your interests and fight for your rights with every tool that is available."

If you're searching for a Colorado DUI lawyer, verify that any professional you consider belongs to the NCDD. Since only the most serious and competent DUI attorneys are allowed in as members, securing their legal counsel is an excellent way to ensure that you receive the best legal counsel for your needs.

At The Orr Law Firm, our senior partner, Rhidian Orr, is a graduate of the program, and all of our DUI attorneys are members of the NCDD. To secure a free consultation and learn what our team of professionals can do for you, call 1-303-818-2448 today.

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