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What are the vehicular eluding penalties in Colorado?

What are the vehicular eluding penalties in Colorado?

In recent posts, we've detailed the minimum fines for certain DUI and DWAI offenses, and in some cases, they may not seem like much. For example, a first-time DUI arrest can lead to DUI penalties of up to $1,000. However, in the event you are subjected to a DUI arrest, it is unlikely that you will be charged with just that infraction.

Other penalties, such as reckless driving and vehicular eluding, can be added to your charges, increasing the total fines that you may be liable for. Today, we'll look at vehicular eluding - an infraction that came up in a recent arrest at Colorado University - and the penalties you could face if assessed this charge.

Under state law, "Any person who, while operating a motor vehicle, knowingly eludes or attempts to elude a peace officer also operating a motor vehicle, and who knows or reasonably should know that he or she is being pursued by said peace officer, and who operates his or her vehicle in a reckless manner, commits vehicular eluding."

Depending on the severity of your actions, a charge of vehicular eluding may be a class 3, class 4 or class 5 penalty. The class of your vehicular eluding charge will depend solely on whether this action caused any harm. For instance, a class 5 vehicular eluding charge - in which no one was injured by your actions - will result in a minimum fine of $2,000.

By comparison, class 4 charges - where a personal injury was caused by the eluding - carry minimum fines of $4,000, and class 3 charges that result in a death have a minimum fine of $6,000.

Depending on the DUI defense lawyer you choose, however, these fines could be lessened. That's why, should you be charged with vehicular eluding or any other driving infraction, you should know where to turn. At The Orr Law Firm, we offer experienced and aggressive DUI defense for all manner of driving charges.


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