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How traffic convictions can lead to habitual offender classifications

How traffic convictions can lead to habitual offender classifications

In recent articles, we've been focusing our attention on Colorado's habitual offender laws, which aim to increase the safety of the state's roads and highways by removing the driving privileges of those who find themselves in frequent conflict with the law. Our first post focused on how drivers can garner this label for serious traffic offenses such as DWAIs, vehicular assault or criminally negligent homicide.

In this case, drivers only need to commit three serious violations in a period of seven years to garner this distinction. However, there is another way that drivers could be given this label under the law in a shorter period of time.

According to Colorado Statutes, a driver can also be labeled a habitual traffic offender if they:

• Accumulate 10 or more "separate and distinct offenses arising out of separate acts committed within a period of five years." This applies to moving violation convictions that add 4 or more points to your driver's license.

• Receive 18 or more separate and distinct moving violation convictions for which 3 points or fewer are assessed to your driver's license during a five year period.

Still, knowing your risk for the increased penalties that a habitual offender designation will bring can be a challenge, especially if you're unsure of how your specific convictions could add up.

If you've been convicted of a number of moving violations and are worried about having your license revoked for an extended period through a habitual offender classification, speak with the representatives of a qualified law firm in Denver today. By working with a team of Denver lawyers who are well-versed in laws regarding criminal traffic violations, you can ensure you avoid subsequent offenses or have trusted legal representation to speak on your behalf in the event you face another conviction.


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