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Is Texting and Driving as Dangerous as Drinking and Driving?

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There's a lot of emphasis placed on the dangers of drinking and driving, and with good reason, too, as operating a vehicle while intoxicated can have serious consequences. However, over the past few years, Americans have begun engaging in a new and perhaps equally dangerous behavior: texting while driving.

With this in mind, FOX 31 Denver recently conducted a test — with the help of Michael Miller, a retired Colorado Highway Patrol trooper who now works as a driving instructor for the Center for Transportation Safety — to determine which of these behaviors is more hazardous.

Using a driving simulator, Miller had three volunteers engage in a few different scenarios to test their ability to drive safely. Surprisingly, the volunteers appeared more alert and cautious when they were drunk than when they were using a smartphone, suggesting that the latter may be just as hazardous as the former.

Still, experts continue to view DUI as the bigger threat.

"You know truthfully, they're both equally dangerous," Miller told the news outlet. "Texting and driving is probably the biggest danger we face from everybody. I think right now that is our largest challenge and the most dangerous thing we do when you go between texting and DUI right now," the driving instructor added.

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