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Can Distracted Driving Classes Deter People from Engaging in This Dangerous Behavior?

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There are a number of efforts in place across the United States to crack down on distracted driving, including laws that ban this behavior. According to U-T San Diego, the Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety (TREDS) program at University of California, San Diego, is taking a unique approach that aims to education people about this important issue.

The source reports that TREDS — in partnership with the California Highway Patrol — is offering free classes to businesses in the area to demonstrate the dangers of distracted driving.

"Research has shown that talking on the phone while driving increases the risk of collision four-fold, with equal risk attached to hands free and hand held devices," TREDS program director Linda Hill said in an interview with the source. "This is the same as driving with a blood alcohol content of .08. Texting increases this risk eight to 16 times."

It will be interesting to see if this educational approach will make a difference among people who participate in TREDS' classes.

Texting while driving increases the likelihood of injuring yourself and others while on the road, which is why it's against the law for drivers of any age to send text messages while operating a vehicle in the state of Colorado. There are, however, instances in which police officers wrongly accuse individuals of this offense. If this has happened to you, the experienced attorneys from The Orr Law Firm, an expert law firm in Denver, can take on your case and defend you in a court of law.

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